Logitech K400 Plus Driver, Specs and Manual Download

You should know that this keyboard brings you luxury for TV bingers, gamers, and travelers. This keyboard is equipped with great features, large touchpads, and excellent design as well. No wonder that it is pretty hard to say no with this Logitech K400 Plus Driver.

As mentioned before that there are many useful features packed into this compact device. For starters, you can get a generous trackpad that shows you with the left and right mouse buttons, and trackpad allows for gestures that you can edit from the Logitech Options Software.

Some reasons why you need this device

With this Logitech K400 Plus Driver, you can type comfortably and quietly. The buttons are quite keyboards that allow you to use this keyboard conveniently in a quiet atmosphere. You should know that the characters written on this keyboard are white, bright, and bold to maximize your readability.

Even Logitech also builds this keyboard with an incredible design that is sleek and compact at the same time. It is perfect for your lap. So, this keyboard is easy to store vertically to space more. The biggest benefit of this keyboard is the wireless long-range control. This driver allows you to control each PC or laptop functions without leaving your couch as well.

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Logitech K400 Plus can be your better choice since you will get better battery life, design, and ergonomics. As mentioned before that it has low-profile keys, and this is good to store in your small desktop as well.

Before you purchase this keyboard, you can check that you will see so many positive reviews and make you feel more convinced that its a better option for you. Of course, you can get Logitech K400 Plus Driver from its official site, and ensure that it fits perfectly with your needs.

How to Install Logitech K400 Plus Software for Windows

Make sure you have downloaded the Logitech driver. If you haven’t, simply click the download link on this website. You are suggested to download the driver in the Zip or Rar file format.

1. Follow the instructions and wait until the download process is completed. Then, you need to extract the files.

2. Go to the Setup menu by right clicking on your mouse. Then, you will find some options there. Select ‘Run as Administrator’.

3. Follow the installation procedure. After that, click ‘Next’ to continue the installation process.

4. When the installation process is completed, click ‘Finish’.

How to Install Logitech K400 Plus Software for Mac

1. Download the Logitech driver first according to your operating system. If you haven’t, download it by clicking the download link on this website.

2. Follow the instructions. It will be better if you download the driver in the ZIP or RAR format.

3. When the download process is finished, you have to extract the files.

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4. Find the Setup option on the menu. Then, double-click on it.

5. You will see a notification to select Logitech connection options. Choose the USB option. Wait until the setup process finishes.

6. When the process is complete, your Logitech is ready.

Logitech K400 Plus Software Windows

Operating System : Windows 10 64bit/32bit, Windows 8.1 64bit/32bit, Windows 8 64bit/32bit, Windows 7 64bit/32bit

Logitech Options Software Download

Logitech Firmware Update Tool Download

Logitech K400 Plus Software Mac OS

Operating System : Mac OS X 10.14, Mac OS X 10.13, Mac OS X 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11, Mac OS X 10.10, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.7

Logitech Options Software Download

Logitech Firmware Update Tool Download

Logitech K400 Plus Manual Download

Logitech K400 Plus Manual Guide Download

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